Garden Design trends for 2022

From exterior designs to interior decorations, the world of gardens and horticulture is witnessing various trends popping up day after day. Apart from being catchy to the eye, these trends impact both the world and culture.

As far as landscaping and gardens are concerned, things come and go, and it is up to every individual to choose what they want in their gardens. Doing that will give them the happiness they desire.

However, it is essential to stay on top of the game. The best way to do this is by adopting new horticultural designs. In the following paragraphs are some popular trends for gardens in 2022.

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Cloud Pruning and Topiary Gardens

Some decades ago, topiary gardens followed a simple design. Although these garden types have become popular over the years, people have devised new means of constructing them. The gardens now come in different organic shapes instead of having well-structured and manicured box hedges. 

Cloud pruning is a floral design that involves pruning trees and flowers to take the shape of clouds. Sometimes, they also take a lollipop shape. Constructing these well-sculptured shapes will create a pretty focal view with a single specimen. A row of trees or flowers carefully shaped in similar patterns is perfect for achieving more satisfaction from this design.

By 2022, more natural designs and forms will likely replace the disciplined, over-structured, and linear garden designs. It will be time to say goodbye to box hedges finally.

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Herb and Vegetable Gardens

Herb and vegetable gardens are another trend that will become more prominent next year. These have gained popularity in the past two to three years but were not generally accepted. This was because herbs and vegetable gardens demand frequent and intense care, unlike other garden types and forms.

From removing weeds to constant watering, the needs were quite significant. The reverse is the case in recent times, as many people desire to nurture a healthy space and build upon a simple living, and they have embraced this garden type.

Rather than the time spent nurturing and building this garden, there should be more attention on the many rewards and benefits of vegetable and herb gardens. The beauty of this simple garden style lies in its versatility. Whether it is a full-scale area decorated with garden beds or a leafy balcony design, the beauty and myriads of purposes attached to this type of garden are not things to give away.

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Pond Gardens

Water and pond garden designs are gradually making a return to exteriors. This resurgence owes to no other factor than the tranquillity and calmness that pond and water gardens have to offer. Since serenity and happiness have become the most sought-after treasures, pond gardens seem to be the perfect option.

The only challenge associated with pond gardens is their creation. Constructing a garden of this type demands some level of technical expertise. However, some people design pond gardens themselves.

With supplies such as a flexible irrigation tube of 12mm by 3mm, flat bush rock, small pond pump, premade poly ponds, black pebbles, shovel, and plants like Madeira daisies, mondo grass, ferns, pansies, and waterlilies, coupled with small water creatures, every person can create pond gardens without the help of an expert.

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Kid-Friendly Gardens

Think about creating a space for the younger generation to catch some fun. The truth is, having a solid connection with the environment and the natural world, in general, isn’t a thing for older people alone. Kids and children also need a space to chill and relax. That is why there should be a rise in creating kid-friendly gardens in the coming year.

A kid-friendly garden is a great way to get every family member interested in environmental activities and limit the screen time of kids and teens especially. Kids and teens are interesting people and would love to participate in fruit, vegetable, and herb planting.

According to horticulturists, kid-friendly gardens will give kids and teens a sense of belonging. Hence, it’s high time everyone embraced the trend.

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Outdoor Entertaining Gardens

Outdoor spaces and gardens have become ideal for families and friends to gather to have fun, chat, or attend to some pressing issues. Whether an inbuilt seating area, firepit, pergola, or a deck with simple designs, the outdoor space offers great respite, rest, relaxation, and an avenue to healthy conversations.

It is imperative to make an outdoor space unique. Creating it after another pattern or design might not give the desired effect because the worth and value will be less when it is too common. To make this unique style, vertical climbing trees such as grapevines coupled with an outdoor table setting are a perfect option.

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Gardens create memories. The best way to make these memories count and be worthwhile is by building gardens and outdoor spaces in connection with the latest trends and designs. Tell us in the comments what is your favourite trend for 2022!


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Written by: Ines Tome

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