Cornelia Raftery at Bloom

Congratulations to British Academy of Garden Design tutor, Cornelia Raftery, who won a Gold Medal at Bloom 2018 for her "No Limits – GOAL's Garden for Women" garden.

In association with the charity GOAL, the garden celebrates the role of women globally and shines a light on the inequality they continue to endure, particularly in the developing world. GOAL strives for a world where every person, regardless of their gender, should be able to lead lives of fulfilment.

British Academy of Garden Design tutor, Cornelia Raftery, with her Gold Medal Award for her garden, 'No Limits'

A vision of a world without limits
The garden represents a vision of what GOAL wants to achieve for women in the Global South – a world without limits. A pathway brings the viewer on a journey from a bleak, barren past to a blossoming future. Tall posts holding large baskets of food and materials conjure images of women carrying baskets on their head and a barrier cuts across the pathway, highlighting the obstacles which stand in the way of progress. A seating area signifies how more women are taking on leadership roles within their communities. Finally, a water pump in the centre of the garden symbolises a world where women are free to pursue their education and play a significant role in the future of their country.

Cornelia explains the core concept of the garden: "The overall message of this garden is that by working together we can envision a time where are 'no limits' to what women can achieve in the developing world and the role they can play in society."

Plants on display
The 'No Limits' garden features a huge variety of vegetation. Palms, grasses, banana plants, cherry laurels and Japanese aralia are just some of the plants on display. Marigolds and begonias add wonderful colour and there is a rockery which includes Darjeeling Red and Frosted Jade. Vegetables include sweetcorn, chilli peppers, tomatoes and various types of lettuce.

You can find out more about Cornelia's garden on the Bloom or GOAL websites. You can read more about Cornelia and our other garden design tutors here.


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