Nature's Caretaker: Your Career in Garden Design

Nature is as generous as it is fascinating and everything a person needs to enjoy great beauty, growth and health is already out there in the wild. The forests, meadows and mountains already possess an organic design of their own but as people continue to build and multiply, it becomes more difficult to spend time in these both calming and uplifting spaces. It is for this reason that garden design has emerged as something people are drawn to. While it often feels like we have strayed far from outdoor life, people remain connected to nature and often feel a need to just sit with some flora and fauna to remind themselves of our organic presence. Ironically, a garden is an escape from the pace of city life but it is also where many feel more at home.

A garden designer has the skills and the knowledge to create a space that is designed in such a way to naturally thrive and evolve, while remaining in the man-made boundaries of modern living. Garden design is not about forcing nature to bend to your will, it is in fact about collaborating with nature to create spaces where humans and the natural world can coexist.  Included in this harmonious balance are visually pleasing aesthetics, fragrances to stir the senses and an overall feeling of wellbeing. But a garden cannot be successfully designed without prior knowledge of plants, ecology plus project management skills coupled with design acuity. If you love landscaping and want to know more about working in a creative capacity, then a garden design course is exactly what you need. Understanding plant species, soil types, and their compatibility, as well as grasping the principles of layout, aesthetics, and sustainable practices, are all outlined in our courses.

The Path of a Garden Designer

Professional garden designers will be involved in any number of different projects from small residential gardens, to sweeping grand estates. They will also work on public spaces like parks and urban green zones or anything that involves creating an outdoor space to be enjoyed by people.  But it is more just producing beautiful gardens, it is also about preserving ecosystems and promoting biodiversity.

Like any design industry, garden design continues to evolve both in response to new technological advancements and learnings and in tandem with the changing environment. In other words, it never gets boring. Each project presents a new set of challenges and with that comes great reward. It is a profession that nurtures the earth as well as the client and perhaps even more so, the garden designer themself. Advances in horticulture and the emergence of more sustainable practices have generated an exciting and innovative career path with endless creative possibilities.

Your doorway to the British Academy of Garden Design

At the British Academy of Garden Design, we understand that each aspiring garden designer has unique needs and preferences. That’s why we offer a variety of study options. Whether you thrive in the collaborative environment of a classroom or you prefer the flexibility of home study or live online classes, we have a pathway that suits you.

Our courses are designed to cater for both fledgling garden enthusiasts as well as experienced horticulturalists with an interest in furthering their career. With our experienced team of professional tutors and courses aligned with the latest industry standards, we are leading providers of a stellar education to kickstart your career in garden design.

Success Stories from the British Academy of Garden Design

For some people, garden design is a calling that they simply cannot ignore. It has plucked the most unlikely candidates from an utterly contrasting career path and planted them firmly on the road to success. We pride ourselves on our philosophy to make high-quality education accessible to all, but rather than take it from us, take a look at some of your students and alumni.

Callum Corrie is a great example of a natural born garden designer who seemed to come out of nowhere. Having had much success as a 5-time champ in the semi-professional wrestling ring, Callum has more recently been awarded a gold medal at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show for his “Large Border” entry.  From jumping from the ropes to a career in garden design, Callums story is a fascinating example of the balance and harmony that can be found in the most unexpected places.

For more detailed insights on this inspiring journey, you can read the full story here.

Transform your passion into your profession

Is it time for you to turn that rewarding feeling you get from spending time in the garden, into a career? We at the British Academy of Garden Design are here to guide you on those first steps. Explore our courses and enrol today. There are options for all abilities and all lifestyles.  If you're not sure which course is best for you, our expert staff are available to help you understand your options and find the best fit. We would be delighted to welcome you to our Academy of Garden Design, where a blossoming future awaits.

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Written by: Fiona Byrne

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